Ten Ways To Get Ready For Your Baby

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Published: 09th October 2012
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Soon your time will be ruled by the eat-sleep schedule of your new baby, meanwhile, here are ten ways to get ready for you baby that will make those early weeks a little bit easier.

Get Ready To Share The News
Take some time to pick out your birth announcements. Even if you don’t know the sex of your new baby, you can have a look around online site like Tiny Prints and Simply To Impress and decide which ones fit your style and budget. Then, once baby has arrived it will be easy to drop in your favorite picture and place the order.

Think About Hiring A Baby Nurse
It may sound indulgent, but having a baby nurse can help you get back on your feet more quickly. Even if you want to do all of the hands-on things like feeding (or nursing), changing, and bathing, a baby nurse can do chores like laundry, changing baby’s sheets, and keeping a journal of baby’s sleeping and eating patterns. Learn more about choosing a baby nurse at Livestrong.

Get Baby’s Older Siblings Ready
Preparing older siblings for the arrival of their new brother or sister will help them adjust to the changes and make things easier for you. There are lots of books that you can read together to help start the conversation. Also, this article gives great tips on fun and practical ways to involve older siblings in some of the preparations, like choosing a name or decorating the nursery.

Go Shopping
Shopping is often a favorite activity, and certainly it is one of the top ten ways to get ready for your baby, but figuring out what you really will use can be a daunting task. Have a look at this curated list of favorites where real live moms tell you why they love the baby boppy, hands-free diaper pails, and kimono style onesies, and many other things.

Think About Your Next Meal
When baby starts demanding his or her meals every few hours it will be easy to forget about your own nutrition. In the couple of weeks leading up to your due date prepare some foods that you can freeze in easy-to-reheat portions. Things like hearty soups, lasagna, or sauce that you can toss over fresh pasta will make it easier to keep yourself and your family well fed after baby arrives.

Plan Your Postpartum Exercise Routine
While you may not have time to go to the gym after baby arrives, you can learn about postpartum yoga poses or buy a DVD, like the one that Anne Getty offers on Pure Style Living. Her simple 10 – 15 minute exercises will help you regain flexibility and energy in the year after you give birth.

Look At Your Guest List
Everyone loves to coo over a new baby, and they will be beating a path to your door the minute you come home. Give some thought to how you want to organize this so that your needs and your new baby’s needs are prioritized. You don’t have to be the perfect hostess right now … ask your friends an family to stop by around dinnertime during the week or lunch time on the weekend and bring some healthy prepared food along so you can visit without serving them. If you are running out of diapers or laundry detergent, ask them to stop at the store for you on their way. People love to be helpful; it makes them feel needed and valuable.

Look A Month or Two Down The Road
Is your niece’s birthday coming up in the month after you due date? How about weddings or anniversaries? Buy the gifts and cards and wrapping paper now so you don’t have to squeeze it in after baby arrives.

Take A Class
In addition to prenatal birthing classes that you will likely do through your hospital or birthing center, maybe you want to take a special class on breastfeeding or infant and child CPR. A quick Google search on “child care” and the name of your city will pop up lots of options.

Plan For the Overnight Hours
If that lovely nursery that you have designed and furnished with care is down the hall from your bedroom, have a think about putting a bassinet or co-sleeper next to your bed. Also a small changing table. This makes the overnight feedings so much easier, and may give you peace of mind since you are sure to hear the first little cries of your hungry baby if he or she is right next to you while you sleep.
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